DCA’s Food & Wine Festival 2023

The Food & Wine Festival is one of our favorite events at Disney California Adventure (DCA).  This happens around March to April every year. The best part is most of the food is delicious! We rarely do the alcohol so we cannot say if it’s good or not. 

This event is one of the rare ones where we like to purchase the Sip & Savor Pass. The pass is now around $54.00 with 8 tabs. It’s only worth it if you are purchasing any items over $8ish. The pass does not include alcohol purchases. 

LA Style


  • Glazed BBQ Pork Belly – this was decent. The Pork Belly had some fatty pieces and it could’ve been more tender. The mac and cheese reminds me of the Hawaiian version. 
  • Impossible Gyro-Inspired Naan – this is a pretty decent for a plant-based option. I enjoyed the crispy chickpeas. 

Nuts About Cheese


  • Mickey Mouse Shaped Macaron Made with Snickers – this is our personal favorite and we love going back for this! This macaron is huge and you can share it with 2-3 people.

Avocado Time


  • Blackberry-Lavender Lemonade – this drink sure will kick you in the mouth. It’s non-alcoholic. And sadly, we are not a huge fan. The drink can definitely  be watered down to less blackberry and lemonade. We can’t really taste the lavender. 

Garlic Kissed


  • Grilled Top Sirloin – this was delicious! Although, we do wish the sirloin was more tender. The mashed potatoes and black garlic chimichurri was a total wow factor! 
  • Carbonara-Garlic Mac & Cheese featuring Nueske’s Peppered Bacon –  oh my goodness! This is our personal favorite! The mac and cheese reminded me of my aunt’s homemade mac & cheese! So good!  

Paradise Garden Grill


  • Torta de Chilaquiles – this was also another wow factor! We love eating  tortas at Paradise Garden Grill and this was amazing! Really great option for a plant-based meal. 
  • Bulgogi Fried Rice – this is also plant-based and it is pretty good. It says it has egg in it, but we don’t really taste the egg. 
  • Peach-Blueberry Cobbler – I am not a huge fan of warm fruits and the peaches tasted artificial. It’s like they used peaches from the cans and did not use fresh fruits. I do like the crumble on top though! 

Pacific Wharf Cafe


  • Berries and Cream Bread Pudding – this was good, but we personally like their original bread pudding! That was the best! It is cool that they are trying to expand to different flavors.

Overall, this is a super fun festival to go to! There are a few more marketplace locations we would like to stop by before this event is over. We can’t wait to eat some doubles too (hehe). 

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