Kilcoyne Lilac Farm

I never knew we had a lilac farm until Meg introduced me this gorgeous place! She has been telling me about Kilcoyne Lilac Farm and I am so glad we got to go together. 

The farm is located in the high desert in Anton County. They are specialized in wholesale and retail of lilacs. There are over 125 different varieties of lilacs and 3,000 plants here. Too be honest, I did not know there were so many! 

Meg and I had such a fun time walking around, taking pictures, and smelling all of the rows of lilacs. We noticed that there are certain colors that had a stronger scent than others. My personal favorite are the white or lighter color ones. These ones had a good balance of light and strong smells! 


How much does it cost to visit?

It’s about $10 per person.

How much to buy a bouquet? 

$30 and you can pick whatever they have up in front of the entrance.  


Meg Strouse & Natasha Nguyen

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