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Places to Eat in Boston Pt. 1

Boston was very fun to explore! There were some good and some “meh” foods here. Richie and I (and sometimes Eunice would join) had a great time eating at some good local spots. We’ve noticed that everything is overly priced and expensive. 

Massimino's Cucina Italiana

Massimino’s was recommended by our engagement/proposal photographer, Sam, who is a local here. This was a nice way to celebrate our engagement together. The food was so delicious! Very authentic and our server, Juan, was so kind. It’s a bit tight and loud in the restaurant, but it really brought out the ambience! We ate down in their basement area which was fun! Also, make sure to make reservations ahead of time! It gets really busy here! 

Mike's Pastry

Mike’s Pastry is a locals favorite. The line was out the door! I realized I am not a huge fan of cannoli which is what they are known for. I do like their other baked goods. 

Cafe Sushi Shoten

Cafe Sushi Shoten was close by to Harvard University. We wanted to grab something to eat to-go and eat around campus. The sushi sadly was okay. Some of the fish did taste a little fishy. 

Neptune Oyster

So we fell for the hype with Neptune Oyster. The oysters are good, scallops were decent, and the lobster rolls was good. We were actually really sad about the soups. The clam chowder was not very flavorful. Who would think? Since Boston is known for their chowder. It’s first-come-first-serve here so there will be a long line waiting out the door. 


Tea-Do is located in Chinatown and this place is lit. It’s crowded inside and out. All the kids go here to get their boba fix. The drinks are pretty decent and we went back twice. The baristas just hash out the drinks quickly. 


Eatly was very neat to explore. There are a lot of different stores inside and groceries. We enjoyed the panini sandwich and homemade potato chips. The chips were so crunchy! The only thing we didn’t appreciate is the fact that the security guard kept following us like we stole something. He then realized we were looking for food to eat and stopped following us. If he continued, I would reported him to his security company. This was so not cool. 

Q Restaurant

Q Restaurant was so delicious! It smelled so good once we entered. The meats, veggies,  and broths were so tasty. The broth was flavorful and the meats were really tender. We had a great time eating and catching up. Our tummies were happy and full. I recommend making a reservation beforehand because we tried walking in another time and they were solidly booked. 

Jonquils Cafe & Bakery

Eunice really wanted to take us to Jonquils Cafe & Bakery. This place is super cute! Love the art formed cakes. It was delicious and almost too pretty to eat! My favorite was their teas. They had flower petals that bloom inside the cup! It’s like magic (hehe). 

Overall, this was a very fun trip! We got engaged, spent time with my bestie Eunice, and had a wonderful adventure around the city!  

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