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Carlsbad Flower Fields

The first time I went to Carlsbad Flower Fields was during pre-covid times. This was with my bestie, Ponteah. We took some gorgeous photos at the time and it was one of the best moments she has captured of me. It was a fun time venturing down to SD with a group of girls. 

I’ve also been here a couple of times for events and with Richie. The latest, I’ve been to the flower fields was in 2022 with Naomi, bestie Eunice, Richie, and Naomi’s cousin. It was a really fun taking all these colorful photos. We even got ice cream right after and did some shopping (hehe). 

I recommend making this a day trip if you want to visit San Diego during the Spring time. There’s so much to do! You get to smell the gorgeous flowers, shop, and eat around. Tickets for the flower fields is available online or in person. 

Note: The parking lot can get extremely crowded since it’s also right next to the outlets. 


Ponteah Damirchi, Natasha Nguyen, and Richie Anothaisintavee 

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