Care Bears X Cravings by 99 Ranch

Hi there! 😊

Loving this cute collaboration with Care Bears and Cravings by 99 Ranch. 

Scroll down for some more cuteness! 😍

Mad Bun 

Lucky fries – crispy tater tots with green pop rocks was delicious. I wouldn’t mind eating this everyday. 🤤

Honey Bear Bao – the buns were soggy and the chicken was lackluster. 😔

Bear Berry Burger – the berry was overpowering that the burger wasn’t enjoyable. 😞

Wingman Kitchen

Chicken Sandwich – the buns were dry and the chicken was A-OK. I really like the Santa Ana location. The wings are super good and on point. I don’t know what happened at Chino. Stick back to the wings wingman! 🍗

Beleaf Burger

I love this vegan fast food joint. 👏

Care Bear Package – vegan burger with fries. This was tasty and a lot of flavor. 🙂

Blueberry Milkshake – pretty good for a vegan drink. Just a bit on the sweet side. 🙃

Shomi Noods 

Blue Grumpy Ramen – broth is tasty, the pork is soft, and really enjoyed the blue-colored noodles. Totally enjoyed slurping up this bowl of noodles! 🍜

Pinky Promise Store

They ran out of everything so I did not get to try the 6 different mochi donut flavors and the special pink boba drink. Luckily I borrowed a friend’s mochi donut and took some pics. 🤷‍♀️

Photos by Meg Strouse


Instagram: @megstrouse 

Cravings by 99 Ranch

4024 Grand Ave
Chino, CA 91710

(909) 760-8899



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