Hiccups & Churroholic

Hiccups & Churroholic partnered up together and opened a location in Santa Ana. This restaurant, dessert, and teahouse is very roomy with gorgeous and modern decor. Serving asian fusion cuisine, variety of specialty drinks, and crispy churros.

**NOTE: I was only able to try out their drinks and did not get a chance to taste their food or churros.** 

The drinks at Hiccups & Churroholic are very sweet and sugary. The mason jars are a nice touch and a perfect way to take home and to re-use. One jar is perfect to share with someone. The ice helped dilute the sweetness. The Pink Flamingo Tea and Strawberry Twist were very flavorful and fruity. These two were my favorite. 😃

DRINKS: Taro Smoothie with boba, Chamoy Mango Smoothie, Thai Tea Smoothie with boba, Sea Salt Ice Coffee, Pink Flamingo Tea, Matcha Milk Tea with boba, and Strawberry Twist Tea 🥤

Lovely place to hang out with friends and family. It has everything in one location. I hope I get to try out the food and the churros next time! 😊

Photos by Angela Nguyen

Instagram: @angelamedia


Hiccups & Churroholic

3390 S Bristol St,
Santa Ana, CA 92704

(714) 760-4313


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