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Peatos ?

Photos by Richie Anothaisintavee

Peatos™ “Junk Food” Taste, Made From Peas! PeaTos is a revolutionary snack brand on a mission to upgrade America’s favorite snacks by replacing the old school base of corn with Powerful Peas.
I partnered with Peatos to do a giveaway on my Instagram. This giveaway was in support of healthcare providers during COVID-19. There were two winners who won a box of Peatos each. In addition, the two winners had the opportunity to gift a Peatos box to a healthcare provider of their choice. Click here to see the results. 
"Put on a giveaway for us with a conscious mind and deep consideration for the current media atmosphere. Love how quickly she replies and her ability to create within deadlines. Brought in a lot of good PR for us."

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