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Speaq Social ?

SPEAQ is a creative group that are experts in executing and achieving results. A full suite digital marketing agency, established in 2016 in sunny Los Angeles, California. SPEAQ shapes your vision by applying the most current innovative marketing strategies.
I’ve collaborated with SPEAQ Social in multiple projects. They invited my team and I to promote a family-friendly cruise with London Boat Rentals in Long Beach. During COVID-19, SPEAQ introduced me to DoubleDare Spa‘s hand sanitizer to educate my fans about alternative products.
"Love always collaborating with Natasha! As an agency owner, I am confident that Natasha will create great content and brand visibility. Natasha always goes above and beyond, an influencer who cares and provides true value to a business. My most recent collaboration was with one of my clients at London Boat Rentals and Natasha completed all deliverables and is always a pleasure to work with!"

Photos by Tony Lin

Videographer & Editor by Angela Nguyen 

Photo by Natasha Nguyen

Videographer by Angela Nguyen 

Editor by Natasha Nguyen

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