Have You tried the Disney Ice cream bars and sandwiches yet?

Richie and I got excited when we saw the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars trending on social media. 🤲 We went on a hunt to multiple Targets to find the ice cream bars and sandwiches. We couldn’t find the pint version anywhere, but hope to find it next time! Check down below for our food review. 👇

This Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich was not bad. It came with 6 sandwiches shaped like Mickey Mouse. The center was made with cookies ‘n cream. Thought the sandwich would’ve of been the most flavorful, but the ice cream was very light and generic like grocery brands. Nothing stood out and was a bit disappointing. The cookie outside was hard and took some time to bite into. Overall, the ice cream sandwich is cute to celebrate with your kids on their birthday or just to enjoy on a hot summer day. ☀️

How cute are these? All shaped as Mickey Mouse. The ice cream bar tasted better than the cookies ‘n cream Mickey Mouse Ice Cream sandwich. The chocolate covering of the ice cream was sweet and creamy. The vanilla ice cream was very light with no flavor. These ice cream bars are definitely made for kids and not adults. 🍨

We got lucky coming across this LIMITED EDITION Star Wars Ice Cream Sandwiches. It is shaped like the Millennium Falcon and filled with vanilla ice cream in the center. The cookie outside was really soft and easy to eat. The vanilla was light and not sweet. This ice cream sandwich tasted the best! Totally great for a Star Wars themed birthday party! 🎂

Check out the Disney Ice Cream Taste Test video here! 😋


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