Is the Tapatio Ramen worth it? ?️ ?

Who can resist noodle-slurping, mouth-watering, and veggie-chopping action? I know we couldn’t resist. Richie found these Tapatio Ramen bowls while we were shopping at Walmart in Iowa. We went searching for these instant noodle bowls when we came back home to California, but could not find the bowls anywhere. It was a couple weeks later that we were able to get our hands on these babies. We found out that the Tapatio Ramen was launched in 2018, but became more popular and accessible until now. 

This was a very interesting taste test. We thought the ramens were going to be super spicy like the hot sauce, but realized it was completely different than what we expected. The shrimp flavor was really strong in shrimp and seafood smell. It was very overpowering and made this soup bowl less enjoyable to eat. The original had a vinegary taste to it and after a while tasted like a typical top ramen. The chicken was the most well balance. The broth and noodles made us feel like we were eating a chicken taco, but inside a soup bowl. Overall, the Tapatio ramen isn’t worth for us to repurchase, but it was fun to try out!

Check out our taste test video below. Richie also has a scary story to share:


Richie Anothaisintavee



Angela Nguyen


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