What’s Your Favorite? All That Barbecue (Ep. 3)

All That Barbecue was our 3rd Episode for the What’s Your Favorite (WYF) Youtube series. Angela and I never got the chance to edit this episode and not sure if we will get to it. I still wanted to share some of the content we got during our filming here.

We asked one of our friends, Ivy Chen to join us for this outing and it was super fun and delicious! 

Jhonathan Pacheco, Manager at Javier’s (Ep. 2) in Irvine Spectrum told us his favorite restaurant to eat at is All That Barbecue. I do enjoy this AYCE BBQ spot and it’s been a while since I’ve eaten here. The meat and sides are pretty consistent and a lot of selections to choose from. The customer service is still solid.

The price for lunch is $25.99ish per person and dinner is $33.99ish per person. It is on a bit pricer end and maybe why I don’t go back as much as I used to. 

At the end of our meal, we asked Ivy what is her favorite restaurant. She had a couple places in mind, but the one that makes her feel at home and reminded her of all her good childhood memories is Taiko Japanese Restaurant. This sadly was our last episode we filmed and we didn’t get the chance to go to the next favorite location. Maybe I can pick up this series as a Facebook/Instagram reels? So we shall see! 


Angela Nguyen

Instagram: @angelamedia


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