Anime Expo 2019

Background info: 

Anime Expo (AX) is the largest anime convention in North America. Since 1991, AX has brought fans from all over the world in celebration of Japanese pop culture. AX is currently held at the Los Angeles Convention Center as a 4-day event. The expo includes panels, artist alley, concerts, gaming, and other fun things to do!


My experience: 

AX was truly a memorable experience and the best one by far! This was my first time receiving press badges for this event. WOOHOO! I got to attend all 4-days! The Los Angeles Convention was full of people cosplaying in amazing outfits and posing for pictures. I, myself, have cosplayed many characters over the years and enjoyed reenacting as my favorite characters. I opted out cosplaying this year because I wanted to relax and to enjoy the expo at my own pace. My favorite part of AX was attending the panels. My boyfriend and I got access to the front row every time! I loved seeing the new releases and live action movies. Also, celebrating the anniversaries of how long an anime series has been running. Overall, my boyfriend and I had a wonderful time! 



Attending the panels was the best way to learn more about the biggest names in the industry. I wanted to see the latest projects and releases of my favorite animes and mangas. It was really cool participating in Q&A sessions, watching exclusive sneak peaks and trailers, and being able to receive giveaway prizes. I also discovered a lot of new anime series that I wanted to watch. 


Exhibit Hall: 

The biggest hall with tons of fun and entertaining booths to visit. I made sure to have my walking shoes on so I could comb through every aisle in detail. There were tons of unique items including cosplay goods, figurines and models, animes, mangas, and etcs. I enjoyed all of the eye candy everywhere. 


Artist Alley: 

The greatest alley for browsing through fan art and merchandise. There were many of the amateur and semi-professional artists showcasing and selling their handmade creations such as crafts, comics, original artworks, prints, clothing, and etcs. 



Los Angeles is a gorgeous city during the day and night. AX provided 24-hour special events with endless things to do. My boyfriend and I met up with my little brother and friends to watch movie premieres and to attend concerts. Afterwards, we scootered around the city and grabbed a late night bite to end the night. 


Next year? 

TOTALLY! I’ll be at AX again. I want to see what anime premieres, workshops, and concerts are in store for us next year! 


Do I recommend attending AX? 

YES! Grab your friends, craft your cosplay, and get ready to experience anime like never before. This is a lifetime experience that you will never forget. There’s always something for you to do here. So dive in for an adventure!


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