Dining in San Francisco 2017

Boba Guys is a huge hit in San Francisco! Recommended by friends and family to try during our visit. We ordered the Strawberry Jasmine Tea Fresca with boba and Hong Kong Style with boba. The Strawberry Jasmine Tea Fresca was refreshing! Slight hint of strawberry and a strong taste of Jasmine Tea. The Hong Kong Style is their classic milk tea. This drink has a strong taste of tea than milk. Just get ready to wait in line since this place is poppin’! 🔥

Got to enjoy some surf and beach food at Wipeout Bar & Grill. Located at the entrance of Pier 39. We ordered some Fish Tacos and Fish N’ Chips before heading out on our adventure! The battered fish tasted juicy and yummy. The tortilla for the tacos were dry so we ate around it. The rice and beans were not bad. The french fries were crunchy! Overall, very nice place for the tourists to eat at! 😊

Teaspoon is a little cute boba spot! Drinks are very tasty and refreshing! We ordered the Grass Hopper with Aloe Vera and Grapefruit Garden with Aloe Vera. The Grass hopper was made with lychee green tea and fresh cucumber juice. This drink is great on a hot day! The Grapefruit Garden was infused with green tea and fresh grapefruit juice. This drink has a kick of grapefruit with a bitter after taste! These drinks were perfect as we were enjoying life one teaspoon at a time! 🥄

Count us in for the Shabu Club & AYCE! Super in love with their special “Garlic Cilantro Ponzu!” This sauce was so delicious! Giving the meats and veggies an extra kick of flavor! Seriously one of the best sauces created for Shabu Shabu! The AYCE option included American Kobe, Kurobula Pork, and Premium Lamb. We tried all 3 of the meats and our favorite was the American Kobe! We kept ordering & swishing away! 😋

Super in love with HRD! This restaurant fuses Asian and Mexican food together! Super yum! We ordered the Spicy Pork Rice Bowl and Cripsy Chicken Smothered Burrito. The Spicy Pork Rice was served with brown rice, kimchee, seaweed salad, daikon and wasabi apple coleslaw. This bowl was delicious! Very light and yummy! The Chicken Smothered Burrito was made with brown rice, kimchee, and curry sauce! OH EM GEE! SO GOOD! The chicken was super crispy and juicy! The curry sauce enhanced this dish all together! Very strong and flavorful! HRD sure knows what is up! 🤲

Overall, can’t wait to come back to dine some more in San Francisco! Till next time! ✌️

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