Dining in Hawaii 2018

Don’t miss out on these yummy dining spots in Oahu, Hawaii! Bookmark them as you read and scroll down! 😀

Ono Seafood is a famous poke spot in Oahu, Hawaii. Super mom and pop shop. Little seating area in the front. Fresh fish on the daily with yummy sauces on top of rice. No added toppings needed. Total Yum! 🙂

Leonard’s Bakery is known for their piping hot and freshly baked to order malasadas. This is a donut you will not want to miss. Covered with sugar and filled with whatever flavor you choose on their menu. They also have special monthly flavors as well! 🤤

Fumi’s Shrimp Farm Cooked is delicious! You can order ahead of time and just pick it up. Love the garlicky-ness and spiciness to the shrimp. Very fresh! Cute picnic area you can eat at. You can also walk around the farm to check out the shrimp! 🦐

Marukame Udon is a super famous udon spot. Cafeteria style, but you can order right up in front and watch them make your noodles to order. Feel free to grab your sides too! The broth of the soup was tasty. The cold noodle version and the dipping sauce was not bad. Something was missing in the sauce. The noodles needed to be harder. It was really soft. 🍜

Taste Tea is like Lollicup and Tapicoa Express. These two boba brands were the ones that started it all in California. Super enjoyed the mini boba. Powdery taste and not freshly brewed drinks. Still nice to sip during a warm day and night. Tastea Tea is a really popular spot for the teens. 🥤

Liliha Bakery is a fun diner and bakery experience. Breakfast is amazing! Lots of flavor. Everything was cooked perfectly! They are also famous for their Coco Puffs. These are buttery and creamy chocolate-filled puffs that taste like magic! Make sure to check out their 24/hour location! 🤲

Musubi Cafe Iyasume is the greatest! Spam musubi topped with avocado, eggs, bacon, eel, and more. You name it. And they got it! The musubis are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking. The avocado, egg, and eel were our favorites! Amazing combos! They also have delicious poke and gyudon (beef) bowls too! 😋

We be buzzing by Bee & Tea for some bubble tea. Cute hang out spot for teenagers. They also have games for you to play. The drinks not bad and somewhat refreshing. Didn’t mind sipping on the drinks with the heat of the summer weather of Hawaii. 

S&S Thai Kitchen Waikiki is made with fresh veggies straight from their farm. Delicious food. Literally taste like home made food. My favorite was the crunchy fried rice. I ate that baby up. But you can’t go wrong with any of their dishes! 

The Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck is a must stop. Love that there are other food trucks surrounding a bunch of picnic tables. Super fun to eat at. Got the Shrimp Scampi and Lemon Butter Shrimp. The Shrimp Scampi wasn’t as garlicky like we wanted, but it was still delicious. The Lemon Butter Shrimp was simple and creamy from the side of butter sauce! Dig in! ☺️

Are you feelin’ lucky tonight? Lucky Belly sure will make you feel that way. Interesting fusion of Asian foods together. Their soup broths are on the saltier side. The pork are super soft and tender. Super yummy appetizers. So do get those before you chow down! 😀

Dim sum-boy say Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant? Count us in! Lots of options on their dim sum menu. Delicious shumai, har gow, veggies, and other plates! Order up because you won’t be disappointed! Come hungry too because you will be eating up! 😋

Waiola Shave Ice is the best shaved ice in Hawaii! They have thousands of flavors to choose from. Love their adzuki (red bean) with mochi on top of shaved ice. This is a super refreshing and delicious bowl that you must get! 🍨

The Pig and the Lady is a hip and modern Vietnamese fusion restaurant. Best known for their Vegan Pho and LFC Wings. The Vegan Pho is impressive! Taste exactly like a beef pho. Their menu is so exquisite! Enjoyed everything that we ordered. They really know how to put together food! 👌

Thanks for reading our dining experience in Hawaii! 🙏

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