Is Brown Sugar Boba bars worth it?

SO WORTH IT! I am in love with brown sugar boba bars. The hype is so real! Got really lucky coming across all four brands at 99 Ranch Market. I took the time to taste each bar and rated my favorite. Check out my taste review below! 😋

Hwa Mei (aka Xiao Mei) 🍦

MY FAVORITE! The original boba bar that first came to the states. The marbling on this bar is gorgeous. Evenly throughout in taste and texture. The taste is very balance in brown sugar and milk. It was not too sweet. The boba pearls were chewy, soft, and delicious! The bar was also thinner in size. 

I can keep eating this bar and not get bored of it. If you can get your hands on this brand, then you won’t be missing out on the others. Although, no harm in trying them all!

Tiger Sugar 🐯

Tiger Sugar is my next favorite boba bar. This brand is known for their milky drinks in Taiwan. The boba bar is made with black sugar instead of brown sugar, but not much of a difference in taste. The bar was bigger in size. 

I was excited to try Tiger Sugar because I wanted to see if it was similar to their actual drinks. It was very similar, but I prefer eating it as an ice cream. This bar was milkier and is perfect for dairy lovers. The tapioca pearls was also soft, but a lot chewier in texture.  

I Mei 😜

Calling all caramel lovers! This bar is for you! I Mei knows how to mimic a caramel sundae. It was very sweet all around. The tapioca pearls were chewier and a bit on the harder side, but still enjoyable. The bar was on the thinner side and that is a good thing. I feel I would be on a sugar high after eating this boba bar! 

I admit I really love the packaging for this bar. It’s so beautiful and I can tell they took the time to create the graphics. The boba bar also looks very similar to Hwa Mei (Xiao Mei)’s in appearance, but dominated in sweetness. 

Shuang Yen 🙃

Shuang Yen was my least favorite. Let’s just say you should have super low expectations for this boba bar. The combination of the milk and brown sugar was not there and I could not taste anything. The packaging is really generic and boring compared to the other brands. The tapioca pearls tasted like rubber and was super hard to eat. The only good thing going for this bar was the size. 

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this brand unless if you haven’t tried all of the other brands yet or is the only one you can get your hands on. 

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