Guess where my first trip out of the country was? JAPAN! Travelling around was very simple and easy. I recommend renting a portable WiFi to make your trips easier! This was such a great idea and kept us from getting lost half of the time. It was a nice change of pace walking around and taking the train. Japan’s transportation system is on point! The different train lines are all color coordinated so you won’t get lost. How great is that?!

Are you a Gundam fan? The life-size Gundam in Tokyo is a must see! Too bad the original is no longer here, but the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam is the replacement. Behind the Gundam, there is an exhibit with a lot of photo ops and interactive games for all fans! During the nighttime, the life-size Gundam powers up while bumping to the music! The photo above is the original Gundam and we got lucky before it got dismantled. I am planning on seeing the new Unicorn Gundam soon! 

Next stop? Osaka. Believe it or not, but Osaka Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world. You start from the top, end at the basement area, and back at the main entrance again. So much water and life under the sea here! In my case, more like an array of see-food to eat. Get it? Just thinking about all of the sashimi gets me drooling all over again. Ahem, I even thought about using my boy friend as bait. Itadakimasu! 😛

It ain’t easy being cheesy. And yes, I wanted to be cheesy with Richie. It was a cold night, but we didn’t mind freezing our buns off on the rooftop of the Umeda Sky BuildingWe locked our love forever here. How brrr-fect is that? Love stories do come true! This made my night and we walked back feeling all giddy inside! <3

Have you seen Memoirs of A Geisha? Walking through these golden gates reminded me of a famous scene from this movie. This time, Richie and I were the main characters in our story. Too bad we couldn’t run up freely like Chiyo did, but we strolled up to the top of the mountain of Fushimi Inari-taishi within 2 hours. Along the way, we met a cute black cat that wanted to hang out with us. Would of loved to take the little cutey back home! =^-^=

To sum it up, Japan was an epic trip! I enjoyed the food, culture, and locals here. And we plan on coming back soon! Arigato, Japan! 🙂


  • Michael Yu

    So informative Natasha! These are a great set of destination described here for a short trip to Japan or for someone’s first trip!! I would also highly recommend a stop in Nara (previously called Heijo) if traveling between Osaka and Kyoto. Nara was the capital of Japan before it was moved to Kyoto. Nara park was one of our families highlights where you can pet and take selfies with some really accommodating deer. Be careful of buying the deer food for younger kids though.

    • Natasha Nguyen

      Thanks, Michael! Oh wow! I still need to visit Nara park! How cute that the deers are so accommodating to talking selfies!

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