San Francisco Trip 2017

We took a trip to San Francisco in 2017 for Richie’s birthday. We stayed here for 2 nights and 3 days. We had so much fun here! Explored most of the popular places and attractions with the help of CityPass San Francisco! Saved us big bucks and we were able to ride the bus everywhere! Didn’t need to rent a car at all. 👏

The Aquarium of the Bay on Pier 39 is one of my favorite memories! Smaller than most aquariums, but their main focus is on local aquatic animals of San Francisco. My favorite part was walking through the underground tunnel. We got to see sharks and other marine life swim right above our heads! The water was so clear and blue! I wanted to swim with all of the animals too! Just keep swimming! 🐠

Oh, no! We got caught. Just kidding. This was a fun tour on Alcatraz Island! First, we got on a ferry boat to sail over to the small island. Once we arrived, there was a quick introduction about our tour. We headed up to the prison building and waited in a cafeteria line to receive our head phones. This allowed us to listen to the stories that had happen at Alcatraz. The history was very interesting. There were some prison mates that tried to escape the island, but were never found. After the tour, we explored the gorgeous island and took tons of photos of the beautiful view of San Francisco. ⛴️

Up the hill we go! Richie and I champed it out and hiked up to Lombard Street. This street is famous for being steep and crooked with eight-pin turns. Only one way down if you are driving. Gorgeous greens and flowers as we walked on the side of the street. So much color which gives it a pop of color. Lovely view from the top and bottom. Lovely seeing the windy road curve side-to-side. 🤩

San Francisco was such a fun trip! I love city life! Everything was so easy to get to either by walking or taking public transportation. Can’t wait to come back to explore some more! 😊

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