Santa Barbara Trip 2020

Richie, Betsey, and I did a road trip to Santa Barbara for his birthday in June. It was our first time traveling during COVID-19 and we wanted to be safe as much as possible. The numbers were lower in this county and a lot stricter with safety and health regulations. It was nice to have a mini getaway for us both!  

SB Shellfish Co. 🦞

SB Shellfish Cois located on Stern Wharf Pier. It was really cool being able to drive onto to the pier and park here. This area was more on the crowded side, but I love the fact that all of the restaurants and stores took many safety and health measures to ensure the safety of all the consumers. The food at SB Shellfish Co. was delicious! My favorite was the Uni topped on Scallops and Oysters on a Half Shell. The scallop and uni was so soft and I can taste a hint of the sea! The Oysters were so refreshing. Each bite makes me wanting more. Overall, it was nice to sit outside in their patio area and to eat some fresh seafood!

SB Buggie 🚗

SB Buggie was so much fun! Richie and I saw other people speeding around in this cute little buggie and wanted to check it out ourselves. Ended up renting the buggie for 2 hours for $85. Super great deal that includes up to 2 people. Every mile sure was a smile for us! This was a quick way for us to explore the coastlines, through the mountains, and neighborhoods of Santa Barbara! *beep beep* We definitely recommend this fun adventure! 

Los Agaves 🌮

Los Agaves is one of the famous restaurants in SB to eat authentic and traditional Mexican food. Parking is limited in this area. The dishes are innovative with high-quality ingredients. Super friendly environment and gorgeous decor for families to eat here. It was nice being able to dine inside with limited capacity and lots of safety measures being enforced. All of the dishes we ordered had such bold flavors. My favorite was the Agaves Burrito. The fresh fish and shrimp went so well with the chipotle sauce, rice, and salad. The guacamole reminded me of my homemade guac. 

McConnell's Ice Cream 🍦

McConnell’s Ice Cream is super famous in Santa Barbara. They used the finest of ingredients and their dairy is made from scratch. The line was out the door and they did not allow anyone to come inside. Everyone social distanced while waiting for their turn. I love that they allowed for us to sample. The menu was very limited. Their ice cream flavors were okay and did not give me that WOW factor to get it again. I got the Santa Barbara Strawberry with a waffle cone. I think this flavor could’ve been more fruity than creamy.  Was hoping for a continuously refreshing taste with each bite, but it got a bit boring after a while. Richie got the Eureka Lemon and Marion Berry with a waffle cone. The flavor was okay and nothing memorable for me when I took a little lick. 

Watch my Travel & Food Vlog in Santa Barbara here:


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