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Santa Barbara Trip 2021

Santa Barbara (SB) is one of our favorite places to visit! We stopped by here on the way home from our trip to San Luis Obispo (SLO), Santa Cruz (SC), and San Jose (SJ). Click here to watch my vlog! It shows a great overview of our trip!  


Here are two of the places we stopped by in SB! Hope you enjoy the visuals and a little bit of texts! 

Santa Barbara Fish House

This was our 2nd time visiting Santa Barbara and we wanted to try a new restaurant. We stopped by Santa Barbara Fish House. The food is between a-okay to decent. This restaurant isn’t the best place to get seafood here. We felt some items were a bit too salty. There are better restaurants with seafood and ambiance! 

Santa Barbara Shellfish Co.

We love Santa Barbara Seafood Co.! This is one of our favorite restaurants here. One of the few that also serves uni. The food here is amazing! Super fresh and tasty.  The restaurant is located on the pier and has a nice view of the ocean. 

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