OmG Omakase by Gino ?‍?

Our friend Mila invited us to dine with her and her boyfriend Cody at OmG Omakase by Gino. She was able to snag 4 seats ahead of time by making reservations. Glad we got to join her because this was an epic experience. Chef Gino is definitely an expert in his craft. Thank you so much for inviting us Mila! 


Chef Gino and his staff members made sure to enforce every safety measure possible. This made us all feel safe and the dine-in experience became more memorable. Our temperature was taken at the door and we also sanitized our hands. As we seated, there was a clear wall shield in between Chef Gino and the diners. We got to watch him make everything and he also gave us a show here and there. Richie and I hope to come back one day soon. Hopefully we can get another reservation. 


  1. Yuzu foam with salmon roe
  2. Seared toro with shishito miso sauce
  3. Oyster with yuzu jelly 
  4. Seared sea bass topped with lemon slice and tomato slice
  5. Bonito soup with egg tofu and crab

The appetizers were AMAZING! I am reliving this very moment again as I write this blog. My favorite was between the Seared Toro with Shishito Miso Sauce and Yuzu Foam with Salmon Roe. So much flavor that I was craving for more and more. I kept saying “keep it coming!” 


  1. Chirashi – fatty toro, halibut, trout, and campachi

WOW! Just wow. Chef Gino recommended us to eat the chirashi dish counter clockwise. I am glad that we did because each sashimi piece got better and better. The fish was so soft and melted in my mouth. Created the feeling of happiness and speechless for words. 

Signature Dish

  1. Uni pasta with truffles

I am starting to get why Chef Gino named part of his business OmG. It’s because you literally GO OMG with every bite. Chef Gino really knows his trade and makes every meal with a lot of preparation and passion. The uni was shipped from Santa Barbara (aka SB). This little fact reminded me of when Richie and I travelled to SB for his birthday in June. This signature dish is amazing and I can see why a lot of people rave over this via Yelp! 


  1. Seared sea bream 
  2. Mackerel 
  3. Sweet shrimp 
  4. Bluefin tuna 
  5. Hokkaido scallop with blackberry and blueberry sauce 
  6. Seared toro with caviar 
  7. Red snapper 
  8. A5 wagyu
  9. Tamago with seaweed

The 9 sushi pieces that we ate was TOO GOOD. I am craving for the the Seared Toro and Hokkaido Scallop right now. The Toro was so yummy. So soft and just melted. The scallop and Toro was better than what we had in Japan. And I honestly wouldn’t mind eating all of this on repeat.


  1. Dashi broth with sea mackerel 
  2. Snow crab with salmon roe, gold sesame, homemade soy sauce, and uni

The broth was a nice change. It helped cleanse our palate and made us feel at home. The snow crab with salmon roe, gold sesame, homemade soy sauce, and uni was so good. I am still in love with the uni and that will always be my forever favorite besides the toro and scallop. 


  1. Panna Cotta

The Panna Cotta was a simple and decadent way to end the night. Love the smoothness and light creaminess from this dessert. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed this night and that I wouldn’t mind for a ROUND 2, 3 or maybe more?! 

Check out our food adventure at OmG Omakase by Gino here:

Chef Gino





Richie Anothaisintavee, Natasha Nguyen, Mila Ping, and Cody Jensen



Richie Anothaisintavee & Natasha Nguyen 



Angela Nguyen


Instagram: @angelamedia


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