Who is ready to wrap and roll with banh xeo? ?

I am in love with banh xeo! One of my favorite Vietnamese dishes and crepes! My favorite part is the crunchiness and wrapping it with veggies and rice paper! I was really excited to try out the banh xeo kit from Banh Xeo Boys. They pre-made everything and all I had to do is follow the directions and cook it up! πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

The pre-mixed batter was delicious! I was so grateful that they gave a mini measuring cup to fry each crepe. The veggies (cucumber, cilantro, mint, lettuce, pickled veggies, onions, thai chili, garlic, and bean sprouts) was super fresh! The pre-cooked pork and shrimp was so tasty and tender. It was the perfect proteins. The nuoc cham (fish sauce) was on point. It did not taste too sweet or fishy. I enjoyed dipping in this sauce because it made this meal come all together! 😍


I definitely recommend buying this D.I.Y kit if you would like to try to cook it yourself. They say this kit can make between 4-5 banh xeo, but I was able to make at least 8! πŸ™Œ

Watch our fun adventure on cooking this D.I.Y Banh Xeo Kit & review! 😊


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Angela Nguyen


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How to purchase the Banh Xeo Kit




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